Crafts and More

I┬ácan make all manner of things to your specifications. Want something that you can't find? Give a call and maybe I can make it for you. In no particular order, here are some other things I've made over the last few years:  
  • Bed Lifter
Bottle Opener

I made this opener for a friend. He brought me an old truck leaf spring from a junk yard when I said that I could use some high-carbon steel springs; I used a piece of the spring to make him this opener. I've continued making other bottle openers, similar in design.

Coffee Scoop

Long reach coffee scoop

  • Coffee Scoop
Music Stand

A unique music stand for a musician friend.

Tincture Press

Custom Made Press for extracting herbal tinctures from customer's prepared infusions. I also make other presses to accomodate special requirements, for example a press with an extra large handwheel to accomodate limited arm strength.

  • Wood Stove
Custom Hand Tools

Two kinds of hand weeders that I've made/copied. The tools on the left can be made in left handed versions it needed. Also custom long handled tools. What would you like?

  • Custom Hand Tools
Bicycle Trailer

The customer (my son) needed a bike trailer to carry groceries and supplies in Northampton. It's made from light weight tubing.

  • Garden Course
Wood Stove

Customer (my son again) needed a compact wood stove for his very small cabin. I made a vertical potbelly-style stove for him, but it proved to burn poorly and be hard to load. This picture shows the second try which works well.