Implements and Machines

I can usually make custom farm implements and tools to your specification, or modify an existing implement to add a feature or correct a problem.  If you see something here you would like or if you have a good idea for a change to a machine or tractor tool, or an idea for an implement you can't find commercially available,  give me a call and let's talk about what might work. Below are some machines and farm implements I build for sale or have built in the past.
Bed Lifter

The "Bed Lifter" is an undercutter bar that runs below a crop. The effect is to loosen the soil in the bed in order to harvest the crop easily, instead of using a garden fork. Great for carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, etc. The blade can run over 14 inches deep which gets under even the biggest carrots and parsnips. This has been our most popular implement.

  • BioChar Grinder
BioChar Grinder

A homestead farmer making his own biochar requested a grinder to crush the biochar he was producing with a small commercial retort. The 2 drums are pressed together with powerful springs and turned with a hand crank. The springs allow un-charred chunks to pass through without stopping to clear the machine. Drum spacing is adjustable as well.

Implements below are no longer available for sale from me.  Plans are available for some.
  • Apparent Farm Implement
3-Point Tractor Platform

An extremely versatile addition to a farm's toolkit is a simple platform for mounting on a 3-point hitch. Useful for carrying all sorts of materials and supplies around. It can make use of the tremendous lifting capacity of the 3-point hitch. Shown here carrying a couple 55 gallon drums of water for watering-in some transplants at a remote site.

  • Genesa Crystal
Tractor / Hand Dibble

This rolling dibble can be towed behind a Cub to mark beds. At Stearns Farm, there an underbelly bed former mounted on the Cub and the rear mounted dibble allows one-pass bed prep after spading. Dibble drums are interchangeable and a hand frame allows manual use of the drum alone.

  • Custom Width Trailer
Heavy Duty Car Trailer

Not wanting to buy a pickup truck for the occasional use I might have for it, I built a trailer for my Honda Civic. It is really remarkable how versatile the car-with-trailer is, and I can always unhook it and have my fuel efficient Honda back. I have never missed having a pickup truck. What kind of custom trailer or wagon would make a difference for you?

  • Tractor-Hand Dibble
Custom Width Trailer

At Stearns Farm we needed a trailer that could be pulled down a vegetable bed with the tires running exactly in the aisles beside the bed. When no comercial product was found with a 4 foot wheel-span, I built a wagon to fit. It has been used for spreading mulch on beds, carrying harvested crop, and children's hayrides around the farm, among other things. The upper sides and front panel are removeable.

  • Category 1 Water Wheel Transplanter
Category 1 Water Wheel Transplanter

Most commercial water wheel transplanters require a 40+ horsepower tractor and a category 2 3-point hitch. Following ideas from Chris Yoder and others, I've made several of these smaller versions to fit a category 1 3-point hitch on a 20+ HP tractor. The water is carried in the tractor's front loader bucket, usually in a 55 gallon drum. Some farms also use the planter as a tractor-mounted dibble.

  • 3-Point Tractor Platform
Height Adjustment added to Mower

This Mott tow-behind flail mower could only be raised and lowered by rebolting the wheel attachment arms and allowed only a few inches variation. I added a mechanism that allows the mower height to be adjusted by turning a hand wheel. This allows making a high pass when taking down crop beds and then a low pass to thoroughly mulch the debris.

  • Drip Tape Spools and Winder
Drip Tape Winder and Spools

Used drip tape is notoriously hard to collect and put back. Here's a winder frame with a hand crank to wind in lengths of tape. Spools are custom made to fit the frame. They snap in and out and each spool holds around 2000 feet of drip tape.

  • Music Stand
Bed Compactor

Just kidding. It's actually a sculpture at the Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey