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Registration is now open for the 2018 Gardening Course.  To Register call 508-393-8695  and/or email Kathy at:

A BASIC ORGANIC GROWING COURSE with Kathy Huckins  (Bio Below)

I offer an organic gardening course for beginning and aspiring gardeners, spanning 7 months (March through September) meeting the third Saturday of every month from 9:30AM to 12:30PM.   The emphasis will be on gardening over three seasons, growing food for yourself and your family and friends. Besides the familiar summer gardening, students will be guided and encouraged to consider a fall garden, usually planted in the middle of the summer, as well as a winter garden.  Imagine having kale, salad greens and lettuce to pick in the fall or even the winter.

Often gardening courses are taught as a three session segment indoors, the students leaving with lots of notes, but basically on their own for the growing season.  Then, when they encounter issues, questions or befuddlements, they find themselves standing alone in their gardens with no help.  By mid-summer they leave it all alone, except for the tomatoes and go to the beach!  In this course, meeting each month will allow students to ask questions and make corrections as their gardens are growing and thriving.  There will still be time for the beach.

Instruction, garden questions, tips and  hands-on learning will take place at my home, 67 Cedar Hill Road, Northboro, MA, using my gardens and greenhouse.

The Intent and Purpose of the Garden Course:

To provide practical direction and guidance in growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and berries throughout three seasons.
To appreciate the role of the soil, plants, insects, animals and their interactions.
To acquaint students with the timing (seasons, months, weather) and the rhythms (waxing and waning of moon) of a garden.
To practice awareness and observation in the garden
To harvest and savor and eat our productions.
To inspire us to do it all again!!

Basic outline of the Course by Month

March : Planning -Soil testing; garden location and sizing; what to grow; seed ordering
April : Garden prep - Soil workup; soil amendments; compost; layout
May : Planting - Bed prep; planting and transplanting;  watering; tools and care
June : Tending – Weeding; hoeing; thinning; staking; mulching
July : Interaction – Insects; diseases; harvesting; fall planting
August : Harvesting - Putting by; summer garden completion; cleanup
September : Post harvest – tending fall crops; season extension; winter planting

We will also discuss: Record keeping,  seedling starting in the greenhouse, companion planting, succession planting, resources, tools (sharpening and storing), permaculture practices, biodynamic farming practices, seed saving and cueing into nature’s signs.

This was a wonderful, exceptional experience--I learned so much, and have wonderful memories. I now have a full roadmap for the garden next year, which I never would have been able to see without your course.  -EL

I liked the hands-on aspect in the greenhouse and the garden.  -D

By the end of the course, I felt much more prepared for next year's garden -- without the experience of seeing your garden over the course of 3 seasons that would not have happened.  -MM

I loved that it spanned seven months, from the time snow was on the ground and the garden was just an aspiration, through the entire summer and fall. It really showed me how the garden is actually a year round process  ....   I loved the idea of working WITH the land, and observing the messages it is giving us.  I learned a different way of being in nature from you.   -LC

Class size: 8 Cost: $280

To Register call Kathy at 508-393-8695 or
email  her at

About Kathy:

I was raised on a multi-generational family dairy farm in Minnesota where I was immersed in the beauty, hard work and family life of our agrian culture.  I consider farming an essential and noble way of life.

I have created and maintained gardens wherever I have lived, informed by the location, soil types and food needs of my family.  Gardening is growing a farm on a very small scale.

From 1999 to 2011, I was the Farm Manager at Stearns Farm in Framingham, a 160 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where members work in the fields and pick up their shares in the summer, fall and winter.  Since this farm is located in a populated area, unlike my family farm out in the country, I was inspired to create opportunities for the members to experience and appreciate a farm culture.  During my time there, I established and maintained a pick your own component to the CSA experience including an herb garden, flower garden, berry patches and a children’s garden.  To inform members about their farm, we began a weekly newsletter called Stone Soup during the 20 week summer farming season and later a winter newsletter as well when we began the winter share program.  There's an interview about the history of Stearns Farm CSA with one of its oldest members.

To Register call Kathy at 508-393-8695 or
email  her at

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